You mean besides the beautiful, nostalgic trailer making a cameo in your family vacation photos and turning them into instant classics? Well, we think that’s a pretty good reason on its own, but there’s more. Undeniably the most elegant RV ever made, the Airstream travel trailer has been an enduring symbol of luxury, adventure and iconic design for over 80 years.

The oldest and most established company in the industry does not rest on its laurels, however. Airstream continues to innovate and as a result our current model Airstream rentals combine the best of classic, retro styling and modern conveniences including a stove, oven, and refrigerator to make preparing a gourmet camping meal a delight (and even a microwave to reheat what’s left over... assuming there is anything).

Satellite TV and USB ports in the sleeping, living and dining areas make it possible to stay connected if you wish or disconnect completely – your choice. A stereo system with docking station means that your memories will be set your soundtrack. An indoor and outdoor shower and heating and air conditioning system keep the entire family clean and comfortable no matter the conditions.

These trailers are incredible on their own, but to enhance your Airstream experience we’ve outfitted them with more. See what we’ve included in your turnkey mobile vacation rental.