Terms & Conditions

Rental days include Pick Up and Drop Off days

Check-in Policy
:  Rental days include pick up and drop off days.  Pick up time is at noon Monday to Saturday. Pick up time is at 2:00 pm on Sunday. It is your responsibility to contact us on the rental period start date to schedule delivery time.  The orientation process can take up to 1 hour.  Please allow yourself enough time. Drop off time is at noon Monday to Saturday. Drop off time is at 2:00 pm on Sunday. For early pick up or late drop off there is a $45 per hour charge up to the daily rental rate.   

Payment Policy A $500 deposit is required at time of booking. The remainder of the rental is due 30 days prior to arrival.  Reservations made within 30 days require immediate payment.  Renter authorizes full payment to be made by any credit reference listed on the rental agreement, if full payment of contract is not made within 30 days of departure. 
All major credit cards are accepted: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover. No Debit Cards.

Campground Reservation Policy:  We can't be responsible for campground reservations.  All campground and campsite fees are separate from and in addition to the rental price and fees under this agreement.  No refund will be given for campsite reservation errors.

Minimum Night Policy:  Rentals are available for a minimum of 3 nights. Arrangements for fewer nights may be made on a case by case basis and according to availability.

Security Deposit Policy:  A $500 security and damage deposit for EACH vehicle rented is required before departure, and is payable by credit card. The deposit covers any damage to the rented Airstream during the rental period.  Additional deposit will be required to cover the full value of the Airstream rented, regardless of fault.  It also covers any additional charges (cleaning, missing items, additional days, etc.) incurred and related to the rental that were not charged elsewhere in the rental contract or rental application, including traffic tickets or other fines incurred ($45 processing fee) .  This deposit also covers all costs and our loss of time ($85/hour), including pre and post judgment attorney’s legal and collection fees we incur collecting payments from you or otherwise enforcing our rights under this contract.  The deposit may be held until the completion of any legal or collection action.  The deposit or unused portion is refundable within 14 days. 

Cancellation Policy:

1.  Cancellation of a reservation with more than 30 days’ notice from departure are subject to a 15% charge of the rental fee.

2.  Cancellation of a reservation with less than 30 days’ notice from departure are subject to the full rental fee.

3.  You may reschedule your rental one time only, without incurring a fee, after notifying us to reschedule. Rescheduling must be done with 30 days' notice prior to departure or there will be a $150 rescheduling fee. 

4.  Cancellation charges will be taken from any funds available including pre-payments or security deposits. 

Third Party Providers- Referral Services: We work closely with companies that refer our dear customers to us.  These companies collect fees up front from our customers to secure a rental.  These companies then forward our rental fees to us.  Customer understand, and hereby agrees that, should one of these companies fail to issue payment to Roam & Board within 15 days from when the rental vehicle is returned, the Customer will allow Roam & Board to collect payment from the Customer for the amount due.  Once the referral company issues payment, Roam & Board will refund the Customer the fees paid.

Cleaning Policy:  A fee to clean the Airstream upon return has been included with this contract. If the Airstream requires additional cleaning beyond 1 hour, the additional cleaning fee will be $95 per hour. $125 per hour applies to the 27' and 25' International Signature Airstreams.

Harsh Climate/Terrain Cleaning Fee: We charge a $750 cleaning fee per vehicle to go towards mechanical wear and tear that our vehicles endure when traveling to harsh climates/terrains. Our cleaning crew requires extra time and tools to turnaround the vehicles in their usual time frame.  You will be given guidelines on how clean we expect our vehicles to be upon pick-up and will be granted the refund if applicable after inspection when you return our vehicles.

Smokers and Pets:  There is a $750 fee for renters having any evidence of smoking. Our main concern is for the health of subsequent renters.  We enforce a strict no smoking policy and no pets policy unless authorized in writing in the pet addendum.  Please request a Pet Application before the start of the Airstream Rental should you wish to bring a pet. The Pet Fee is $75

Airstream Damage Policy:  You are responsible for

1.  All damage to the vehicle; including Loss of Use, Administrative, and Attorney Fees.

2.  All damage or loss caused by blowouts, punctures, or other road damages;

3.  If an accident occurs, you are responsible to obtain a police report, contacting the other party’s insurance company, and contacting us immediately.  We will estimate the damage, if any and expedite the cleaning and/or repair;

4.  Missing any equipment;

5.  Diminution of the value of the vehicle caused by damage to it or repair of it (not covered by insurance).  The diminution of value charge is 10% of the value of the Airstream.  The value is listed on the “Insurance Binder and/or Endorsement Request Form” page of the rental contract;

6.  Theft or Vandalism.  You are responsible for the loss due to theft or vandalism, or attempted theft or vandalism of the vehicle and all damage due to vandalism that occurs in connection with a theft;

7.  You must report all accidents and/or damage involving the vehicle to us within 8 hours of the occurrence.  You agree to pay these charges from credit sources listed in this contract and assume all responsibility to submit accident reports and claims to the proper authorities. 

8. Airstream damage will be assessed with an administrative hourly rate of $125 as needed.

9. Processing fee is $150.

10. Transportation of damaged Airstreams (pickup from the scene of an incident and delivery to repair shop) will incur a fee of $8's per mile.

11. Transportation of damaged tow vehicle (pickup from the scene of an incident and delivery to repair shop) will incur a fee of $5's per mile. 

12.  Please contact us for additional information with regards to coverage or about getting additional coverage for our Airstreams and/or Tow Vehicles. Please note that your insurance company may provide coverage for your Airstream rental. Please check with your insurance company prior to arrival to see if they have an extended policy or binder they offer.

Equipment Malfunction Policy:  These Airstreams are new and equipped with air conditioner, furnace, water heater, generator, awning, radio, microwave, television jack, coffee maker etc.  They will be in working order at the time of pick up, but from time to time some of these items may malfunction.  For assistance you are advised first to watch the videos on our website then call Roam & Board (760) 783-9289 for additional help. 

Driver Fee: Drivers between the ages of 21 to 25 will be charged an extra fee, this applies to all vehicles and Airstreams.

In order to protect the assets, every vehicle is equipped with a GPS System