Delivery/Pickup Rates

Use Our Interactive Map or the Table Below

Out of State Deliver/Pickup Rates

Las Vegas: $900

Southern California Deliver/Pickup Rates

Santa Barbara: $450

Malibu: $350

Palm Springs: $350

Los Angeles: $250

Long Beach: $225

Orange County: $200

San Diego: $150




Northern California Deliver/Pickup Rates

Sacramento: $1200

San Francisco: $1200

San Jose: $1100

Oakland: $1100

Fresno-Yosemite: $800

Monterey: $800




Note: One ways and round trips are accepted.
For example, pickup at our location in Carlsbad is no charge but dropping it off in Sacramento is $1200.
Whereas, pickup in Sacramento is $1200 plus drop off in Sacramento is $1200 making the total $2400 in delivery fees.